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Product CodeProduct NameImagePrice
NUCDTrimRacing Trim CD40.00
NS450North U Weather For Sailors CD40.00
NUCDTacticsRacing Tactics CD40.00
MSH1650-RMusto HPX Ocean Jacket - Red/Dark Grey965.00
MSH1650-GMusto HPX Ocean Jacket - Gold/Dark Grey965.00
MSH1670-RMusto HPX Ocean Trousers - Red/Dark Grey705.00
MSH1670-GMusto HPX Ocean Trousers - Gold/Dark Grey705.00
KA029-01-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Pintail - Black - G12 Lens209.00
KA029-02-B12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Pintail - Tobacco - B12 Lens209.00
KA029-13-G12Kaenon Polarizes Sunglasses - Pintail - Graphite/Red - G12209.00
KA215-02-B12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Shilo - Tortoise - B12 Lens219.00
KA007-14-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Hard Kore - Graphite/Red - G12224.00
KA21003G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Leila - Tobacco/Black Opal249.00
KA21004C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Leila - Almond239.00
KA21005C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Leila - Ivory239.00
P41110-155Patagonia R1 Granular Jacket - Women's Black189.00
P47920-BLKPatagonia Fuego Day Pack 32L- Black89.00
P47920-FGTPatagonia Fuego Day Pack 32L - Forge Grey w/ Tumeric Orange89.00
P47925-BLKPatagonia Chacabuco Day Pack 32L - Black99.00
P47925-FGTPatagonia Chacabuco Pack 32L - Forge Grey w/ Tumeric Orange99.00
P47935-RPNPatagonia Women's Violeta Day Pack 25L - Rossi Pink48.30
P47935-STNPatagonia Women's Violeta Day Pack 25L - Stone48.30
P49330-BLKPatagonia Black Hole Pack - Black149.00
P49330-LRMPatagonia Black Hole Pack - Larimar Blue149.00
KA21001G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Leila - Black - G12 Lens239.00
KA21002G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Leila - Tobacco/Olive Fade249.00
S105145100SLAM Men's Yahala L/S Linen Shirt - White68.00
P23080-NRP_LPatagonia Women's Retro-X Vest - Natural w/Rice Paper Size:L0.00
P68396-TRQPatagonia Girls' Puff Rider Jacket - Turquoise95.40
KA017-13-B12Kaenone Polarized Sunglasses - Burnet - Whiskey - B12 Lens239.00
KA028-13-B12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Clarke - Whiskey - B12 Lens209.00
KA028-15-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Clarke - Denim Wash - G12 Lens209.00
KA208-18-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Georgia - Mai Tai - G12 Lens224.00
P36510-891Women's Wool 2 Crew - Tinted Ice82.00
TCBP-1Thule Crossover 30L Backpack199.95
P68005-BCWPatagonia Girl's Nano Puff Jacket - Birch White99.00
P68005-LQAPatagonia Girl's Nano Puff Jacket - Light Aquarium99.00
P25136-BBEPatagonia Men's R2 Jacket - Bandana Blue95.40
P56401-891Women's Cozy Daze Capris - Tinted Ice24.00
KA01301Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Lewi - Black214.00
P30231-891Patagonia Women's El Cap Jacket - Tinted Ice66.00
P67048-337Kids' Baggies Shorts - Abstract Aloha: Rain11.60
P29235-FSDPatagonia Trucker Roger That Hat - Seaweed25.00
P29235-WBDPatagonia Trucker Roger That Hat - Wooley Bugger: Driftwood25.00
P83151-FGEPatagonia Men's Guide Jacket - Forge Grey89.40
P83161-BLKPatagonia Women's Guide Jacket - Black149.00
P23450-FEAPatagonia Women's All Weather Skirt - Feather Grey34.30
P26055-STHPatagonia Men's Araveto Fleece Pants - Stonewash55.30
P47910-GCBPatagonia Refugio Pack 28L Grecian Blue55.30
P47910-RDSPatagonia Refugio Pack 28L - Red Delicious55.30
P47920-CIRPatagonia Fuego Pack 32L - Cilantro89.00
P47925-FGEPatagonia Chacabuco 32L - Forge Grey99.00
P47935-CPOPatagonia Violeta 25L - Clear Pool69.00
P83805-BLKPatagonia Women's Torrentshell Jacket - Black77.40
P83805-CPOPatagonia Women's Torrentshell Jacket - Clear Pool83.85
KA3040101G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Spindle - Series 1 - Black Chrome - G12 Lens309.00
KA3040201C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Spindle - Series 1 - Antique Copper - C12 Lens309.00
KA3040102G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Spindle - Series 2 - Black Chrome - G12 Lens299.00
KA3040202C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Spindle - Series 2 - Antique Copper - C12 Lens299.00
KA3040203C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Spindle - Series 3 - Antique Copper - C12 Lens309.00
KA3040103G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Spindle - Series 3 - Black Chrome - G12 Lens309.00
PBK550Unexpected: 30Years of Patagonia Catalog Photography49.00
P24996-BLKPatagonia Men's Traverse Jacket - Black99.00
P24996-CHBPatagonia Men's Traverse Jacket - Channel Blue69.30
P47900-CHBPatagonia Yerba Pack 22L - Channel Blue41.30
P47920-FGEPatagonia Fuego Pack 32L - Forge Grey85.00
P47935-BLKPatagonia Violeta 25L Pack - Black45.50
P47935-WTCPatagonia Violeta 25L Pack - Watercress38.40
O101104042OluKai Mens 'Ohana Sandal - Black/ Dark Shadow65.00
O201101848Olukai Women's 'Ohana Sandal - Off White/Dark Java65.00
O201105048OluKai Women's 'Ohana Sandal - Mica/Dark Java65.00
P28826-PUMPatagonia Surf Brim Hat - Pumice39.00
O201220540Olukai Women's Amo Sandal - Paradise/Black60.00
P24995-792Patagonia Men's Traverse Jacket - Ceylon Blue100.00
TEED-117BThule EnRoute Escort Daypack - Black119.95
P86541-BLKPatagonia Men's Stretch Wavefarer Board Short - Black69.00
P86541-DAKPatagonia Men's Stretch Wavefarer Board Short - Dark Ruby48.30
REV36211Revivex Spray-on Water Repellent for Outerwear - 5oz.7.99
REV36296ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner - 12oz.8.95
P24955-891Patagonia Women's Nine Trails Jacket - Tinted Ice100.00
S901030500SLAM Lady's Ernett Jacket - Black295.00
P84230-LAGPatagonia Men's Nano Storm Jacket - Lagoon209.30
P84235-BLKPatagonia Women's Nano Storm Jacket - Black209.30
P54392-505Patagonia Women's Simply Organic Tee - Grey Green35.00
P54160-241Patagonia Women's S/S Laine Top - Cranberry75.00
P54160-171Patagonia Women's S/S Laine Top - Natural75.00
P54160-630Patagonia Women's S/S Laine Top - Northern Light75.00
P54636-BLKPatagonia Women's Morning Glory Tank - Black29.40
P54636-MAGPatagonia Women's Morning Glory Tank - Magenta27.00
P58940-WYBPatagonia Women's Minette Dress - Wayward: Black75.00
P58940-WYMPatagonia Women's Minette Dress - Wayward: Maraschino75.00
P40106-756Patagonia R1 Flash Pullover - Continental Blue125.00
P49330-NKLPatagonia Black Hole Pack - Nickel149.00
P52120-PUMPatagonia Tropic Sun Hoody - Pumice59.00
KA21008Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Leila - Baramundi Frame - G12249.00
P23080-NRPPatagonia Women's Retro-X Vest - Natural w/Rice Paper104.30
S104936210SLAM Men's Palau Pant - Ice69.95
P21309-BLKPatagonia Women's Pinback Top - Black22.50
P21309-BYTPatagonia Women's Pintop Top - Babylon: Platinum31.50
S904568210SLAM Women's Bermuda Lusby - Ice69.95
MSH1648RMusto HPX Ocean Jacket - Red/Dark Grey829.00
MSH1648GMusto HPX Ocean Jacket - Gold/Dark Grey829.00
MSH1648PMusto HPX Ocean Jacket - Platinum/Dark Grey829.00
MSH1694RMusto HPX Ocean Smock - Red/Dark Grey719.00
MSH1694PMusto HPX Ocean Smock - Platinum/Dark Grey719.00
MSH1687GMusto HPX Trousers - Gold529.00
MSH1687RMusto HPX Ocean Trousers - Red529.00
MSH1687PMusto HPX Ocean Trousers - Platinum529.00
MSH1604GMusto HPX Ocean Drysuit - Gold1219.00
MSM1511BMusto MPX Offshore Jacket - Black609.00
MSM1511RMusto MPX Offshore Jacket - Red609.00
MSM1511PMusto MPX Offshore Jacket - Platinum609.00
MSM1511GMusto MPX Offshore Jacket - Gold609.00
MSM151W1RMusto MPX Women's Offshore Jacket - Red609.00
MSM1264BMusto MPX Offshore Race Jacket - Black575.00
MSM1264RMusto MPX Offshore Race Jacket - Red549.00
MSM1264PMusto MPX Offshore Race Jacket - Platinum549.00
MSM150W1RMusto Women's MPX Trousers - Red299.25
MSM1512-PMusto MPX Offshore Jacket - Platinum / Dark Grey630.00
MSM1512-GMusto MPX Offshore Jacket -New- Gold / Dark Grey630.00
MSM1512-RMusto MPX Offshore Jacket - Red / Dark Grey630.00
MSM1512-BMusto MPX Offshore Jacket - Black / Dark Grey630.00
MSM151W2-PMusto Women's MPX Offshore Jacket - Platinum / Dark Grey630.00
MSM1505-RMusto MPX Trousers - Red485.00
MSM1505-PMusto MPX Trousers - Platinum485.00
MSM1505-GMusto MPX Trousers - Gold485.00
P24985-727Patagonia Women's Wind Shield Jacket - Garnet150.00
P49662-154Patagonia Ultra Heavyweight Mountaineering Socks - Charcoal33.00
P24170-DEEPatagonia Women's Traverse Jacket - Deep Space77.00
P83987-PRLPatagonia Women's Micro-Puff Hooded Jacket - Pearl160.30
P37052-155Patagonia Men's Merino Wool 3 Zip Neck - Black100.00
P37052-154Patagonia Men's Merino Wool 3 Classic Zip Neck - Charcoal Heat100.00
P60410-BIUPatagonia Baby L/S Sun-Lite Top - Bali Blue20.30
P60410-PIGPatagonia Baby L/S Sun-Lite Top - Pickled Ginger20.30
P62531-NLEPatagonia Girl's Polarized Hoody - Nile Blue31.50
P64751-CHBPatagonia Kid's Cap 3 Mid Weight - Channel Blue29.00
MSM151W2-RMusto Women's MPX Offshore Jacket - Red / Dark Grey630.00
MSM150W5-RMusto MPX Drop Seat Trousers - Red435.00
MSH1695-RMusto HPX Ocean Smock - Red/Dark Grey849.00
MSH1688-GMusto HPX Trousers - Gold599.00
MSH1605-GMusto HPX Ocean Drysuit - Gold1480.00
P83805-155Patagonia Women's Torrentshell Jacket - Black71.40
MSD3213Musto Mid-Layer Blouson - Dark Grey/Black445.00
KA210-09-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Leila - Dark N'Stormy-G12 Lens249.00
KA013-04-G12Kaenon PolarizedSunglasses - Lewi - Kelp - G12 Lens224.00
P56645-630Patagonia Women's Island Hemp Pants - Northern Light75.00
P56885-707Patagonia Women's Solimar Pants - Earthenware75.00
SCDBPPBRWSSuncloud Polarized Sunglasses Daybreak - Whisky Stripe/Brown49.99
SCDBPPGYBKSuncloud Polarized Optics Daybreak - Black/Polar Grey49.99
S924003210SLAM Women's Hug Rain Jacket - Ice178.00
P25136-HKYPatagonia Men's R2 Jacket - Hickory111.30
P45370-919Patagonia Men's Cap 1 Graphic Crew - Pareo Band: White40.00
P56856-DKWPatagonia Men's Regular Fit Jeans Reg - Dark Wash89.00
P56856-GDMPatagonia Men's Regular Fit Jeans Reg - Grey Denim89.00
PT50925Patagonia Footwear Whino Lace Moo - Peat Brown115.00
MSD3222-DGMusto Mid-Layer Salopettes - Dark Grey460.00
P83805-617Patagonia Women's Torrentshell Jacket - Imperial Blue77.35
P83161-LAGPatagonia Women's Guide Jacket - Lagoon149.00
P29036-FODPatagonia Trucker Hat - Fitz Roy P6 - Deep Spice25.00
P49662-949Patagonia Heavy Weight Mountaineering Socks - Mid Grey33.00
P66102-49Patagonia Kid's Sychilla Gloves - Channel Blue20.00
P30920-155Patagonia Men's Insulated Powder Bowl Jacket - Black321.75
P60516-606Patagonia Baby Down Sweater - Alaska Blue80.00
P66102-155Patagonia Kid's Synchilla Gloves - Black20.00
P24981-085Patagonia Men's Wind Shield Jacket - Fog149.00
P47900-671Patagonia Yerba Pack - French Roast59.00
P47910-491Patagonia Refugio Pack - Channel Blue52.50
P30100-678Patagonia Women's Powder Bowl Jacket - Purple284.25
P37230-155Patagonia Women's Merino Wool 3 Crew - Black89.00
P37230-948Patagonia Women's Merino Wool 3 Crew - Bonita Stripe:Natural89.00
AED411-FLBAtlantis Men's Navigator Wool Sweater - Flag Blue169.00
MSL0012-DGMusto LPX Jacket - Dark Grey410.00
P29235-FISPatagonia Roger That Hat - Fitz Roy P6: Sultan Red25.00
P29235-LGUPatagonia Roger That Hat - Live Simply Guitar: Gull Grey25.00
P48796-BLKPatagonia Light Weight Travel Sling - Black49.00
P83800-BLKPatagonia Men's Torrentshell Jacket - Black71.40
P83800-FGEPatagonia Men's Torrentshell Jacket - Forge Grey71.40
MSL0012-PMusto LPX Jacket - Platinum410.00
MSL0040-PMusto LPX Smock - Platinum330.00
MSL0040-DGMusto LPX Smock - Dark Grey330.00
MSL0021-PMusto LPX Waist High Trousers - Platinum335.00
MSL0021-DGMusto LPX Waist High Trousers - Dark Grey335.00
MSL0031-PMusto LPX Shorts - Platinum215.00
MSL0031-DGMusto LPX Shorts - Dark Grey215.00
P47900-FGTPatagonia Yerba Day Pack 22L - Forge Grey w/ Tumeric Orange.69.00
P40126-ALPPatagonia Men's R1 Full-Zip Jacket - Alpha Green104.30
P40126-DEEPatagonia Men's R1 Full-Zip Jacket - Deep Space97.30
P84770-CPOPatagonia W's Ultralight Down Hoody - Clear Pool179.00
P54615-MOVPatagonia W's Balance Tank - Mission Olive31.50
P25085-IYHPatagonia Women's Better Sweater Icelandic Hoody - Green159.00
S110762210SLAM Men's Summer Sailing Jacket - Ice89.95
S110769210SLAM Men's Summer Sailing Vest - Ice79.95
S104221210SLAM M's Miami Trousers - Ice79.95
S140051210SLAM Men's Bermuda Parker - Ice59.95
MSE0420-BMusto Women's Evolution Fleece Vest - Black115.00
MSE0420-WMusto Women's Evolution Fleece Vest - White115.00
S140050210SLAM Men's Noma Short - Ice65.00
S140048210SLAM Men's Mayo Short - Ice69.95
S940028210SLAM Women's Davie Short - Ice68.00
S980026210SLAM Women's Havana Skort - Ice75.00
AFW169-CRKAtlantis Womens Zephyr Jacket - Castle Rock/French Blue125.00
AFM169-CRKAtlantis Mens Zephyr Jacket - Castle Rock/French Blue125.00
S161020-210SLAM Promo Cap - Ice11.98
P83805-ENVPatagonia Women's Torrentshell Jacket - Endive90.30
MSH1660-GMusto HPX Pro Series Trousers - Gold745.00
MSH1660-PMusto HPX Pro Series Trousers - Platinum745.00
MSH1700-GMusto HPX Pro Series Smock - Gold1000.00
MSH1660-RMusto HPX Pro Series Trousers - Red745.00
MSH1700-PMusto HPX Pro Series Smock - Platinum1000.00
MSH1700-RMusto HPX Pro Series Smock - Red1000.00
KA004-07-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Beacon - Pacific Ocean - G12204.00
KA017-06-G12Kaenon Burnet Polarized Sunglasses in Special Sauce - G12239.00
KA017-07-G12Kaenon Burnet Polarized Sunglasses - Matte Blue - G12239.00
KA010-09-G12Kaenon Eden Polarized Sunglasses in Purple Haze - G12229.00
KA018-04-C12Kaenon Joss Polarized Sunglasses in Tobacco Denim Fade- C12224.00
KA013-05-G12Kaenon Lewi Polarized Sunglasses in Pinstripe - G12224.00
S908121147Slam Women's Cunani - American Blue48.00
S153020227SLAM's Varadero Sandal - Navy/Ice28.75
P25085-IYH_LPatagonia Women's Better Sweater Icelandic Hoody - Green Size:L0.00
P25085-IYH_SPatagonia Women's Better Sweater Icelandic Hoody - Green Size:S0.00
P25085-IYH_XSPatagonia Women's Better Sweater Icelandic Hoody - Green Size:XS0.00
P25085-IYH_MPatagonia Women's Better Sweater Icelandic Hoody - Green Size:M0.00
P25085-IYH_XLPatagonia Women's Better Sweater Icelandic Hoody - Green Size:XL0.00
P23080-NRP_MPatagonia Women's Retro-X Vest - Natural w/Rice Paper Size:M0.00
P23080-NRP_XSPatagonia Women's Retro-X Vest - Natural w/Rice Paper Size:XS0.00
P23080-NRP_XLPatagonia Women's Retro-X Vest - Natural w/Rice Paper Size:XL0.00
P23080-NRP_SPatagonia Women's Retro-X Vest - Natural w/Rice Paper Size:S0.00
P28839-IFCPatagonia Beanie Hat - Icefall: Channel Blue35.00
P53905-HRGPatagonia Men's L/S Felted Shirt - Heritage Green83.30
P62180-DILPatagonia Boy's Live Simply Surf Bike T-Shirt - Dill29.00
P58705-NWSPatagonia Women's Spright Dress - Narrow Stripe: Spanish Moss65.00
O201101A40Oluki Women's 'Ohana Sandal - Plum/Black65.00
O201105X40Olukai Women's 'Ohana Sandal - Bright Sky/Black65.00
P54745-BLKPatagonia Women's T-Back Top - Black49.00
P54745-GRIPatagonia Women's T-Back Top - Going Native: Railroad Blue49.00
KA013-06-C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Lewi - Matte Tobacco - C12214.00
S980004210SLAM W's Crew Skort - Ice49.95
KA213-01-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Maya - Black - G12219.00
KA213-02-B12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Maya - Tortoise - B12229.00
KA213-07-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Maya - Eggplant - G12229.00
KA213-09-C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Maya - Tobacco Denim - C12229.00
KA213-11-C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Maya - Blonde Tortoise - C12229.00
KA016-06-B12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Arlo - Black Tortoise B12214.00
KA208-17-B12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Georgia - Tortise - B12 Lens174.00
KA214-15-C12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Madison - Passion Tea - C12219.00
P37166-BLKPatagonia Mens Merino Wool 3 Bottoms - Black115.00
P83330-WAXPatagonia Mens Adze Vest - Wax Red119.00
P25137-BLKPatagonia Men's R2 Jacket - Black169.00
P25137-SDBPatagonia Men's R2 Jacket - Suede Brown169.00
P25147-BCWPatagonia Women's R2 Fleece Jacket - Birch White169.00
P25147-BLKPatagonia Women's R2 Fleece Jacket - Black169.00
P25147-JWBPatagonia Women's R2 Fleece Jacket - Jeweled Berry169.00
P47900-TDTPatagonia Terba Pack 22L - Tidal Teal69.00
P47910-FGTPatagonia Refugio Pack 28L - Forge Grey w/ Tumeric Orange85.00
P47910-TEDPatagonia Refugio Pack 28L - Teal Green w/Tidal Teal85.00
P47935-IKPPatagonia Women's Violeta Pack 25L - Ikat Purple.69.00
P49330-NHGPatagonia Black Hole Pack 35L - Narwhal Grey149.00
P49330-PURPatagonia Black Hole Pack 35L - Purple149.00
P54257-BLCPatagonia Mens L/S Sol Patrol Shirt - Blue Clay79.00
P53837-HTNPatagonia Mens L/S Pima Cotton Shirt - Herbert: Classic Navy79.00
P53837-RWPPatagonia Mens L/S Pima Cotton Shirt - Raymond: Whiskey Plum79.00
P54495-FEAPatagonia Womens At Sea Wrap - Feather Grey79.00
P54495-GNYPatagonia Womens At Sea Wrap - Graphite Navy79.00
KA020-07-Y35Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses -Kanvas- Matte Black/White - Y35179.00
KA021-08-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Klay - Matte Red - G12189.00
KA007-11-C12-02Kaenon Polarized Hard Kore Sunglasses - All Star White - C12224.00
KA022-08-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses Soft Kore - Black - G12239.00
KA022-08-G28Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses Soft Kore - Black - G28239.00
KA022-08-C28Kaenon Polarized Soft Kore - Black - C28239.00
KA022-08-Y35Kaenon Polarized Soft Kore - Black - Y35239.00
KA022-09-C12Kaenon Polarized Soft Kore - White - C12239.00
KA022-10-G12Kaenon Polarized Soft Kore - Crystal Red - G12239.00
KA021-07-G12Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Klay - Matte Black/Red - G12179.00
P29900-BLKPatagonia Men's Untracked Pants - Black314.30
P29900-RKHPatagonia Men's Untracked Pants - Retro Khaki314.30
P84080-BLKPatagonia Men's Mixed Guide Hoody - Black195.00
KA007-01-C50-02Kaenon Polarized Hard Kore Sunglasses - Black - C50214.00
P25570-TABPatagonia Women's Lost Maples Jacket - Thatcher Brown179.00
KA007-01-C28-02Kaenon Polarized Sunglasses - Hard Kore - Black - C28214.00
P83330-GLSPatagonia Men's Adze Jacket - Glass Blue119.00
P25147-CCRPatagonia Women's R2 Jacket - Catalan Coral169.00
P54945-GLSPatagonia Women's Necessity Tank - Glass Blue45.00
P57921-RKLPatagonia Men's Rock Craft Shorts - Rockwall69.00
P59190-GLSPatagonia Tech Web Belt - Glass Blue0.00
P29036-FZGPatagonia Trucker Hat - Fitz Roy P-6: Glass Blue29.00