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SLAM has long been extra attentive and sensitive to product innovation, to the extent that they have made hi-tech their vocation. They have preserved their original pioneering spirit, to constantly explore whatever is new and to continually strive to produce avant-garde materials and achieve an improvement in the quality of garments.

SLAM, founded in Genoa in 1979, is the Italian leading company in technology clothing for sailing and is well established in the sportswear sector with expanding collections for men, women and children.
The brand's vocation for competition has been clear from the beginning: at the Moscow Olympics in 1980 the Italians "Dodo" Gorla and Alfio Peraboni won the bronze in the Star class, while wearing garments from the newly-fledged SLAM.

The production of SLAM garments, including those for everyday wear, is thus the result of long experience in regattas: materials and design ideas for jackets, trousers, polo shirts, sweaters and shoes are often tested directly at sea by members of the various SLAM Sailing Team involved in competitions all over the world.


SLAM Shoes - the entire range of SLAM technical footwear features the new low density (50/45) rubber sole, which promotes outstanding adhesion to any surface encountered. The new sole, which comes in either a single colour or two colour combination, is the result of exhaustive, advanced technical research by the manufacturer, Siliga, in collaboration with SLAM's in-house design team. Made on a medium-width last, the soles adapt to every foot shape and offer exceptional stability and maximum comfort in any situation in which they are worn. The soft composition of the sole material coupled with the characteristic “channelled” tread on the base of the sole are a standard feature of our technical shoe range. Given the superior adhesion qualities, we advise against using the shoes on surfaces with strong abrasion such as asphalt, cement etc.