Point Loma Outfitting Environmental Policy

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Point Loma Outfitting - Environmental Policy

In today's business environment it is very hip to go "Green". While we do everything we can to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, from the beginning we decided that as soon as we could afford it we would contribute to environmental causes as well. In our research we came upon the 1% for the Planet organization. This group promotes businesses to contribute 1% of their gross revenues to an environmental cause of their choice. We felt that this was an admirable goal and chose to join their organization.

If you haven't figured it out by now, we have a love for water, so we went looking for organizations that promoted cleaning up the San Diego Bay, and the Southern California Coastline. There are several very well known organizations associated with surfing that matched our objective, but we felt they already had sufficient funding, so we started looking for smaller organizations where our contributions would have a greater impact. Thus we came upon San Diego Coastkeeper.  As an added bonus they are headquartered here in Liberty Station, just down the street from our store.

Further examples of our efforts are the decisions we made while restoring an 80 year old building for our store. Whenever possible we chose the friendliest materials. An example is the flooring of the store; while it may look beautiful, it is actually made up of over 90% post consumer waste. Our shopping bags are 100% post consumer waste, and we try our best to buy as high a percentage of recycled material as we can for all of our office supplies. So if your purchase shows up at your door step in what appears to be a well worn box, it may be, we also try to reuse our packaging materials as often as we can as well.

Please join us in our effort to make this planet as much to enjoy for our children’s children, as it was when we were children. If you own a small or large business we ask that you too look into joining 1% for the Planet. It’s not much, but every little bit counts.