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Musto HPXMusto Foul Weather Gear

The Musto HPX foul weather gear features four models: Musto HPX Jacket, Musto HPX Smock, Musto HPX Trousers and the Musto HPX Dry Suit.

The Musto MPX foul weather gear features a more diverse set of products including MPX women's fould weather gear. The following are the Musto MPX models: Musto MPX Offshore Jacket, MPX Trousers, MPX Offshore Race Jacket, MPX Race Salopettes, MPX Race Smock, MPX Offshore Race Smock, MPX Dry Suit, Ladies MPX Offshore Jacket, Ladies MPX Trousers, MPX Junior Dry Suit, and the MPX Race Dry Smock.

The Musto LPX foul weather gear is lightweight performance clothing for extreme sailing using the Gore-Tex® Paclite Fabric which is exclusive to the Musto LPX line. The LPX series includes: LPX Jacket, LPX Trousers, and LPX Shorts.

HPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto HPX Ocean Jacket
HPX Foul Weather Gear
The HPX Ocean Jacket and Pants are the ultimate choice of foul weather gear.
Musto HPX Series
MPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto MPX Trousers
Musto MPX Trousers
Musto's MPX range is the perfect choice for offshore, race and pleasure sailors.
Musto MPX Sailing Gear
LPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto LPX Jacket
Musto LPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto LPX = Lightweight, Performance for Xtreme Sailing. Gore-Tex® Paclite Fabric.
Musto LPX Sailing Gear


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