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New SLAM Code 1 Sailing Shoes Setting New Standards for Sailing Shoes

March 18th, 2010

 The New SLAM Code 1 and SLAM Code 3 Sailing Shoes are setting the new standard for the sailing shoe market at a very affordable price. The SLAM Code 1Sailing Shoe is only US$89.95. Point Loma Outfitting, the largest SLAM retailer in the US, is set to receive the latest sailing shoes from SLAM before the end of March

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2010 — SLAM’s Code 1 sailing shoes are the third generation of technical sailing shoes offered by SLAM Evolving from the successful Code Zero, and SLAM Mistral sailing shoes, the SLAM Code 1 sailing shoes are a high performance lightweight shoe offering more balance and greater control on pitching surfaces.
SLAM Code 1 Sailing Shoe Grey/SilverThe SLAM Code One (US$89.95) has a specially designed heel that provides the kind of grip sailors at the highest level desire—it is essentially split into four sections, each one free to move separately from the other. This contouring ability allows for one part of the heel to always lie flat on deck, meeting the angle of attack and optimizing traction.

The Balance Control feature offers supreme flexibility to the sole of the shoe as well as adaptability to any type of surface and incline even in extreme conditions. Because of this control the SLAM system reduces stress on the ankle by allowing for perfect alignment and improved posture.

Along with a specially designed heel, the SLAM Code 1 sailing shoes have a Torsion Control system with a synthetic shank from heel to ball to promote stability. This helps ensure greater balance.

The SLAM Code 1 sailing shoes are Extremely Lightweight. They are made with a synthetic upper that will not absorb water, and has a close cell water repellant insole. This helps the shoe to shed water and not become heavy maintaining the lightweight nature of the shoe when it’s wet.

The best part of the new SLAM Code 1 Sailing Shoe is the price! This shoe has a MSRP of only US$89.95! For a technical sailing shoe of this caliber that is an unheard of price.

PUMA Ocean Racing – Transatlantic Debrief

September 8th, 2008

September 6, 2008

Puma Ocean Racing
Even after only 10 days at sea it’s amazing what a shower, shave and real meal will do for
your soul.
We have arrived at Alicante, Spain, the final destination prior to the start of our great
journey. Alicante is a little over 300 miles up the Mediterranean from the Rock of
Our last 24 hours was fast and fun. Downwind in 20-33 knots of breeze through the
night, caught out with all the big gear up from time to time. Yikes! Several sail changes
and lots of high speed sailing. Getting used to the speeds is a big part of our training and
we certainly got that checked off on this transatlantic adventure. Also, we arrived nearly
a day and a half ahead of schedule, making Kimo (Kimo Worthington, GM of PUMA
Ocean Racing) and the operations folks scramble a bit for hotel rooms. But, they pulled
it off as always.
Our trial leg certainly wasn’t without excitement from time to time. We snapped a canard
- check that – we snapped both canards on unidentified objects. Not exactly the best way
to get us to sleep soundly at night as there is certainly a lot of uncertainty in these vast
oceans. We are quite sure that both mishaps happened on objects – not marine life, so
our Save the Whales friends need not come knocking on our door.
The crew was put to the test and passed with flying colors. We had several different
conditions that proved invaluable in preparing us for the real game.
So where does that leave us? Work lists are being created and a final re-build of the boat
is in progress as we speak. Our shore base (base one was packed up in Newport and
shipped directly to Cape Town) is buzzing with excitement as the shore team gets the
boat back and they, with the help of the sailors, get things in order. We’ll get safety
courses out of the way soon and then the team will have a few days off. After a short
break it’s right back at it to do final checks on race sails which are on their way to us from
North Sails.
Finally, one very interesting part of this race is clearly going to be the 11th crew member
or the media member as Volvo calls it. I have always been a bit squeamish about
watching those reality shows that essentially stick a camera in your face at any
inopportune time and hope you freak out or cry or say something that will embarrass you
forever. Well, I (we) are now living in this reality world and I really think that the sport
could get a huge shot in the arm from it. Ricky Deppe is really doing a great job, and I
am sure that there are several other good cameramen in this race. These guys should be
able to show an aspect of our sport the world has never seen or even imagined. But,
getting used to that camera constantly lingering about is a bit disconcerting. I guess what
I am trying to say is that I apologize in advance for all the dumb stuff I will be doing in
front of the unseen camera for the next 9 months. And I extend that apology from the
rest of sailing team.
All in all, everything is a great here and we have successfully gotten to a major time in
the young life of PUMA Ocean Racing. Soon the real test begins. Stand by.

Puma® Ocean Racing Arrives in Alicante

September 5th, 2008

Puma Ocean Racing  - AlicantePuma Ocean Racing - AlicantePuma Ocean Racing - Alicante Arrival

Alicante, Spain, September 5, 2008 – PUMA Ocean Racing arrived in Alicante, Spain mid
afternoon today (CET) , successfully delivering their boat il mostro from their training base in
Newport, RI. The team left Newport on August 26th in preparation of the start of the Volvo
Ocean Race on October 4. The transatlantic crossing was a chance for the team to see how the
boat handled in the open ocean
“We called this our team’s “Leg 1.” It was great practice for our boat and team,” said Skipper
Ken Read. “We were able to work out some kinks and really come together as a team. Our
goal at the beginning of this project was to get a great team of guys on il mostro, and I can
confidently say that we have succeeded. Our boat performed well and, we’re looking forward to
getting this race started.”
The PUMA boat and sailors will remain in Spain until October. The team still has to participate
in the required safety training, weather briefs and il mostro will undergo official measurement by
Volvo Officials. Ken and his crew will also use the time to practice of the In-Port and Pro-Am
Races which will be held October 4-5.
For more information about the race, team and the PUMA Sailing collections, please visit

SLAM With Pietro D’Ali at the Solitaire du Figaro

July 25th, 2008

SLAM will be at Pietro D’Alì’s side once again as he takes part in the 39th edition of the Solitaire du Figaro – the tough, legendary, solo race divided into various legs – which starts tomorrow, 25th July, from La Rochelle in France.

Over the 1880 mile course, subdivided into three legs, Pietro will have the best garments from SLAM’s most technical, “Advanced” collection at his disposal.From the foul weather gear category he will have use of both the “Ocean Waves” model and the Spray top with matching Long John. The rest of his kit will comprise of the Anemon bag, both summer and winter “Seamless” underwear (truly appreciated by Pietro, especially for long distance races), Almeria. and New Hissar Bermuda shorts, New Mistral and Prince Evolution shoes, and the short and long sleeved versions of the Zip Grinder.

Pietro is the only Italian amongst the 54 participants.

The first 465 mile leg will end in Vigo, Spain.

The Second leg, scheduled to depart from Vigo for Cherbourg-Octeville on 31st July, is 590 miles long.

Then, the 8th August will see the start of third and final leg – the longest in the history of the Solitaire du Figaro – 825 miles which will circumnavigate the Isle of Mann in the Irish Sea, before heading for l’Alber Wrac’h, which is back in France.

Pietro will sail aboard Mc Louis.

Go for it, PIETRO!

Mackinac sailors spill style secrets

July 14th, 2008

Johnny Depp’s puffy shirts in “Pirates of the Caribbean” are one version of nautical performance wear. Attire for the historic 100th running of the Race to Mackinac next weekend is quite another.

A record number of boats—460—are competing this year in the race, which stretches 333 statute miles from Navy Pier to Mackinac Island, Mich. The crews don’t exactly primp or fuss over their clothing during the world’s longest annual freshwater sailing distance race.

But the course demands a great deal of adaptability from a pair of shorts, shoes and a shirt. Mariners must be dressed for blistering sun, breaking waves, gale-force winds and slippery dashes from stern to bow.

Perhaps not all that different from the demands on other athletes. Or tourists. Or parents.

Besides availing themselves of Patagonia, and other standbys, sailors are abetted by a number of specialty brands, many of which are known only to its subculture, some of which are worthy of broader applications. We’re spilling a few style secrets for your next Kankakee River kayaking adventure, Starved Rock hike or just a stroll along Lake Michigan.

BRAND: Slam, based in Genoa, Italy

KNOWN FOR: Being worthy of Russell Coutts, three-time winner of the America’s Cup.

CROSSOVER APPEAL: Equally adaptable to running or biking, the Evolution Fresh shirt, $75, is a half-zip top made from Silver Aid fabric, with threads covered with pure silver, which has antistatic and antibacterial properties (essential for long passages without long showers). It stays cool in summer and warm in the winter.

ANOTHER MVP: For feet, Slam’s Defender shoes replace laces with elastic fastenings for a closer fit. A rubber anti-slide sole negotiates slippery surfaces. The suede upper is treated with Scotchgard, the felt midsole is water resistant, and an antibacterial insole is removable. Plus, the denim blue (the most popular color) just looks cool. Available in women’s and men’s, $109.95 at www.slam-shops.com

BRAND: San Diego-based Camet (pronounced CAM-et)

KNOWN FOR: Breathable shorts that repel water and still look and smell presentable after three days at sea.

CROSSOVER APPEAL: Perfect for travel, mountain biking or hiking, Camet Agility shorts, $84 (above), boast a Cordura-reinforced seat to withstand abrasive surfaces. Cut loose for ventilation, they feature a two-tone shell with deep side pockets as well as unobtrusive cargo pockets. Velcro waist adjustments keep the shorts from shooting down to the ankles if the wearer dives in the water to cool off (not advisable in the middle of the Mac race).

ANOTHER MVP: Camet’s Hobart Extreme Technical Shorts, $80, add a UV rating of 40-plus, weigh in at a featherweight 9 ounces and offer offset side seams to reduce chafing.  See www.pointlomaoutfitting.com/camet.php

Puma Sailing Gear

February 10th, 2008

Sorry to take so long to post this; when I got back from snowy Chicago the whole family was sick, and it was only a matter of days before I joined them.

Anyway, I went to Strictly Sail Chicago to be part of Ronstan US’s announcement that they were going to be the exclusive US importer of the Puma gear. In attendence were the usual suspects from Ronstan, as well a representatives from Puma US, the Puma sailing gear design team and the Volvo 70 Puma Racing team.

They showed off their lateset foul weather gear for the Volvo team, and said that this would be available late Spring for US distribution. The gear looks well thought out, and has gone through three testing stages with the crew. This gear should compete well with the Musto MPX stuff as it is also three layer Goretex. I am not sure at this point how well received it will be out here in SoCal due to our rather tranquile weather.

The shoes on the other hand were quite interesting. Their technical sailing shoe should be competitive, especially at the just under $100 price point. They are also introducing a more sedate version, as well as various “lifestyle” versions. Puma knows shoes so I would expect then to be successful here. Besides offering the “lifestyle” versions to their “technical” retailers, you will also be able to find them in the larger department stores (not that you shop there).

Besides the technical sailing clothing, Puma is also bringing out a separate Volvo Ocean Race line of clothing to enhance their involvement in that race. This sportwear has some technical features and appeared to be quite comfortable. I could not tell you because they only had Mediums available in the samples. One thing is for sure, if you lie red, you will like the Puma gear!

I will be meeting with the boys from Ronstan shortly and see if we can work together in bring this gear to California. As images become available I will try to post them first thing.