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Camet Shorts Rated Excellent by Practical Sailor Magazine

September 17th, 2012

Camet  shorts were  tested and compared bt Practical Sailor Magazine with 8 pairs of padded sailing shorts on the market, to find out which would offer the most protection and comfort. Just as we have been saying all along, while you may pay a premium for their shorts, they are still the best value on the market!

The Camet shorts have been through a bench and field test by the independent magazine Practical Sailor and are recommended as a best buy for 2012, for durability, quality and price. The shorts received and excellent rating for the following features:  Overall construction, abrasion resistance, drying time, comfort, color fastness, and shrinkage, odor, pockets, pad use and price.

The women’s Wahine received the Practical Sailor 2012 Editor’s Choice . Rating based on Overall construction. They were the top pick since they are well tailored for female bodies, dry fast, color fast very comfortable and held up very well during the bench and field test.

So check out the Wahine and Martinique at http://www.pointlomaoutfitting.com/c/CWS.html.

For you skippers, Camet shorts make good crew gear when you have a stable crew that you sail with year in, and year out as these shorts will easily last three seasons.


Camet Sailing Shorts & Clothing

March 8th, 2012

This is our latest video on Camet Sailing. Camet has been around for 16 years offering very high quality sailing shorts for men and women.

New Camet Code Zip Long Sleeve Performance Shirts at Point Loma Outfitting

June 29th, 2010

Jun 28, 2010 – Point Loma Outfitting would like to introduce to you the newest performance shirt from CAMETThe Code Zip! Based off of our highly successful Code Zero shirts, these shirts have been designed to complement our growing line of team and corporate clothing.

The Camet Code Zip Shirts are made of 100% polyester and you can do dye sublimation on the front chest and back. This makes the Code Zip Shirts the ideal shirt for all sailing teams or for that matter any team wanting a high quality performance shirt!

Camet Code Zip Performance Shirt is a high-performance technical shirt that works great as your only layer in warm weather and as an under layer in cooler conditions. The double circular knit engineered fabric is lightweight, breathable, dries quickly and has a wicking finish to move moisture away from your body while still offering maximum UV protection. The shirt features a mini-mock neck for sun protection and a long front zipper for added ventilation.

The Camet Code Zip is not only the perfect performance shirt on the water, but this shirt excels on land as well. Mountain Bikers will love the lightweight material in a long sleeve shirt that offers protection for the sun and dirt. Hikers and rock climbers will find this shirt to be cool and comfortable and very flexible while reaching for the next hand hold.

The Camet Code Zip comes in sizes from Small to XXL and available in two colors, White and Gray. The Code Zip is machine washable and dry on cool temperature settings. The best part is this shirt is American Made and retails for less than $60.00

Q & A with Brian Camet, You Know the Guy with the Shorts!

September 16th, 2008

From time to time we want to take the opportunity to get to know our vendors a bit better. Here we had a chance to sit down with Brian Camet, of Camet International and chat about some of the thinking that goes on with regards to their shorts; enjoy:

Camet Molakai Sailing Vest

1. Why do you make your products in the US?

Because there are still people who value American made products.  It is also to circumvent issues in turn around time, shipping, and overall cost (among other concerns).  Another gain involves simply avoiding loss of product and time.  If you have to jump on a plane and spend twenty-seven hours getting from here to there, it is not as easy to go and check on your products. It is much better to be able to oversee each step of the process.

Plus, if a team wants 100 pairs of shorts that match the color of the boat, we can do it in no time at all!  Go see if some other manufacturer will do that for you.

2. How do you rank the quality to other makers?

I would like to think that we are right at the top with other manufacturers. Our products  last a long time…maybe too long.  Yesterday I saw someone wearing a pair of shorts that we have not made for 8 years. Talk about a return on his investment!  I definitely think that we lead the way in short design.  You can go to any regatta and you will see that there are a lot of CAMET shorts out there…so we are doing something right. Our customers love their shorts and we love to hear that.

3.  Who does the design work for the Camet Line?

We have a group of amazing designers that travel all over the world to check out the latest fashions to see what will be the next great thing. We gather ideas from all forms of active sports to infuse our products with innovative ideas and features that keep us in the front of the pack. Most of the style comes from right here in California where the sun shines all the time. California is where all the trends start.

4. Where do you get your fabric… is everything made and bought in the US to build for consumers?

Yes, all of our fabrics are made in the US. We have mills on the east coast that make propriatory fabrics for all of our clothing. Then they are shipped to the west coast by truck where they go to the cut and sew facility to be made into garments.

Thank Brian for taking the time!

Mackinac sailors spill style secrets

July 14th, 2008

Johnny Depp’s puffy shirts in “Pirates of the Caribbean” are one version of nautical performance wear. Attire for the historic 100th running of the Race to Mackinac next weekend is quite another.

A record number of boats—460—are competing this year in the race, which stretches 333 statute miles from Navy Pier to Mackinac Island, Mich. The crews don’t exactly primp or fuss over their clothing during the world’s longest annual freshwater sailing distance race.

But the course demands a great deal of adaptability from a pair of shorts, shoes and a shirt. Mariners must be dressed for blistering sun, breaking waves, gale-force winds and slippery dashes from stern to bow.

Perhaps not all that different from the demands on other athletes. Or tourists. Or parents.

Besides availing themselves of Patagonia, and other standbys, sailors are abetted by a number of specialty brands, many of which are known only to its subculture, some of which are worthy of broader applications. We’re spilling a few style secrets for your next Kankakee River kayaking adventure, Starved Rock hike or just a stroll along Lake Michigan.

BRAND: Slam, based in Genoa, Italy

KNOWN FOR: Being worthy of Russell Coutts, three-time winner of the America’s Cup.

CROSSOVER APPEAL: Equally adaptable to running or biking, the Evolution Fresh shirt, $75, is a half-zip top made from Silver Aid fabric, with threads covered with pure silver, which has antistatic and antibacterial properties (essential for long passages without long showers). It stays cool in summer and warm in the winter.

ANOTHER MVP: For feet, Slam’s Defender shoes replace laces with elastic fastenings for a closer fit. A rubber anti-slide sole negotiates slippery surfaces. The suede upper is treated with Scotchgard, the felt midsole is water resistant, and an antibacterial insole is removable. Plus, the denim blue (the most popular color) just looks cool. Available in women’s and men’s, $109.95 at www.slam-shops.com

BRAND: San Diego-based Camet (pronounced CAM-et)

KNOWN FOR: Breathable shorts that repel water and still look and smell presentable after three days at sea.

CROSSOVER APPEAL: Perfect for travel, mountain biking or hiking, Camet Agility shorts, $84 (above), boast a Cordura-reinforced seat to withstand abrasive surfaces. Cut loose for ventilation, they feature a two-tone shell with deep side pockets as well as unobtrusive cargo pockets. Velcro waist adjustments keep the shorts from shooting down to the ankles if the wearer dives in the water to cool off (not advisable in the middle of the Mac race).

ANOTHER MVP: Camet’s Hobart Extreme Technical Shorts, $80, add a UV rating of 40-plus, weigh in at a featherweight 9 ounces and offer offset side seams to reduce chafing.  See www.pointlomaoutfitting.com/camet.php