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Here’s the question we asked ourselves: Why is women’s sailing gear designed to make women not look like women?

March 8th, 2010

And we couldn’t really give ourselves a great answer.  So we went and talked to a whole bunch of women about what they liked about their gear and what they didn’t like.  What we heard went pretty much like this:

Like: “Keeps me dry and comfortable when I’m sailing or out on the water”.

Don’t like: “Makes me look like a guy”.

So we asked ourselves why we couldn’t make sailing gear that keeps women dry and comfortable without making them look like guys, and we couldn’t come up with a real good answer to that one either.  So we went ahead and designed the new Aegis gear for women, a jacket and bib combo that delivers the performance women need along with the style they want.

Both of these pieces are based on our world-class Typhoon triple-layer laminate, and fabric that delivers industry-leading waterproof AND breathability ratings with a soft hand and a great-looking finish.

Women’s Aegis Jacket ($295)Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Women's Aegis Jacket
This is the jacket you can wear anywhere.  It includes all of the great innovative performance-oriented features found in the original Aegis jacket like the oversized pockets, double-tab cuffs, reflective piping and watch window, but it’s shaped the way women are shaped so you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public in your sailing jacket.  In fact, this just may become the go-to piece for everything women do outdoors!

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Women's Aegis Hybrid BibWomen’s Aegis Hybrid Bib ($295)
Depending on who you talk to, there are varying opinions among women sailors as to whether women’s bibs need to have a drop seat.  We’ve found that most women don’t really love the concept – they’ve told us they find them leaky and not terribly flattering, and on top of that, they don’t make a visit to the head that much less of a chore – all in all, not a great tradeoff.  Besides, other brands do the drop-seat thing, and “ugly but functional” gear is not what Atlantis is all about.  With our innovative Gator-Grip adjustable shoulder straps, the women’s Aegis Hybrid Bib provides women with the great fit and the maneuverability they need while in the heat of battle on the race course while adding a healthy dose of styling that makes women look like women.

Developed by sailors for sailors, the new collection is based on Atlantis’ proprietary Typhoon fabric, a triple-layer laminate that delivers the ultimate combination of a soft hand and great-looking finish along with industry-leading waterproof and breathability ratings that deliver outstanding protection and moisture management. 


With a long list of innovative features, we’ve nailed the performance part of the equation, and with styling designed for women by women, we’ve created the unthinkable: sailing gear that women will love to wear both on the water and ashore.

Our New Store Is Finally Open!

July 21st, 2008

I meant to write this Friday morning, but it appears there is always something popping up. Thursday evening we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new 6500 store in Liberty Station. I would like to thank all of the representatives from our vendors that attended, as well as all of those that showed up. By the looks of the floor when I came in Friday morning a good time was had by all. Besides celebrating our opening, this past weekend 10% of our sales will be donated to San Diego Coastkeepers. it is our way of trying to give back to the waters we enjoy. So stop on by and check us out.

As a present to myself, I took Saturday off and went sailing. It was the San Diego Yacht Club One-Design Weekend so we dusted off old Etchells Hull #1000 and participated in the three races held. I thought this would make an excellent opportunity to test drive some of the new gear we just go in from Atlantis as well. I wore the Microburst Vest all day, and it was subjected to its first test on the tow out to the course. We were hit broadside by some powerboat wake, I will say I was glad the vest had a low sweeping back, and was waterproof! All in all I think this vest is perfect for those temperate days when you need a little protection, but not a full set of waterproofs. I think this vest might have found a permanent spot in my sailing backpack. Until next time…

Dry ideas for waterproofing yourself, electronics, more

July 14th, 2008

No need to wring your hands – or wring out your gear – thanks to the following new waterproof travel products. All items have been tested by the author.

Screen saver: The screens on most cell phones and PDAs are incredibly fragile – especially touch screens. A few specks of sand can make for deep scratches; a splash of water can wreak havoc on keypads. How then to take them safely to the beach or other hazardous environments? Aquapacs are a good solution. The flexible transparent plastic sacks seal out dirt and water via plastic clips and gaskets at the top of the sack. The cases are waterproof down to 15 feet and in most cases allow for touch interface, speaking and listening (and even snapping photos) right through the thin malleable material. Aquapacs come in sizes and styles for a wide range of electronic gear, from flip phones to cameras and MP3 players. Some models have integrated armbands, or watertight jacks for waterproof headsets, which are also available. All cases come with an adjustable neck cord or shoulder strap and desiccant to absorb condensation. Aquapac cell phone and PDA cases start at $25; armband cases, from $35; waterproof headphones are $35 at www.yourmobiledesk.com; (877) 397-5253.

Dried and true: If you have ever sweated inside your rainwear, getting nearly as soggy as if you had had no protection, the folks at Atlantis Weathergear have a dry idea for you. The company’s Microburst line of jackets and pants are made of lightweight, waterproof, breathable and wind-resistant ripstop nylon. I found the Microburst jacket and pants lighter than similar clothing made of Gore-Tex, the pioneering waterproof/breathable material. And the waterproof qualities of Gore-Tex, a membrane laminated to other fabric, can deteriorate after many washings. In addition, truly waterproof Gore-Tex often isn’t all that breathable. Adjustable elastic cuffs with Velcro tabs on the Microburst garments seal out aggressive raindrops, zippers at the armpits help release built-up heat, and big, easy access pockets with quick-dry mesh linings let you stash and grab the contents with little ado. Jackets with hoods come in men’s and women’s sizes, jackets without hoods and pants come in unisex sizes. Colors range from bright red, yellow or green to more muted blue. Microburst hooded jacket in men’s and women’s sizes is $150; unisex hoodless jacket, $135; pants, $95. To find a store, contact Atlantis at www.atlantisweathergear.com or at (877) 333-7245.

Rx for medical kits: I never go anywhere without a small but well-stocked medical kit, which is exposed to the same elements that I am. Good thing Adventure Medical Kits has introduced the Ultralight & Watertight line of emergency kits. Available in four sizes – none weighing more than 10 ounces – the kits consist of a bright yellow zippered nylon pouch containing one or two leak-proof and watertight self-sealing plastic pouches with first-aid essentials. The range of resources rises with the size, from a small kit with basic bandages, ointments and tablets to the top-of-the-line Ultra-Light & Watertight .9, which comes with 24 kinds of medical aids, including a wound irrigation syringe and a wide, self-adhering elastic bandage. Ultralight & Watertight medical kits are $11 to $35, at www.adventuremedicalkits.com; (800) 324-3517.

Umbrella policy: At 11 inches long, the Windpro Flatwear umbrella is not the smallest in its class. But bring on some wind, and you’ll be glad you went the extra inches. The canopy of the umbrella is vented to allow breezes to pass through and avoid flattening or – worse – inversion. The ribs and telescoping shaft are sturdier than most compact umbrellas’, the 43-inch arc wider than most minis, and the rubber-coated handle makes for a steady grip. The umbrella opens and closes with the push of a button, and comes with a matching sheath. Available in red, black, navy or khaki. Windpro Flatwear Umbrella (RU535) is $24.85 at www.magellans.com; (800) 962-4943.

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Atlantis Weather Gear Announces a New Dealer in San Diego

July 14th, 2008

July 7, 2008 (MARBLEHEAD, Mass.) – Atlantis WeatherGear, based in the sailing town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, is thrilled to announce that Point Loma Outfitting in San Diego, CA has become their newest dealer. Point Loma Outfitting was started in 2007 by Tom and Katie Carruthers, passionate San Diego sailors who are focused on bringing great gear to their customers for all of the things they do on and around the water.  Their new 6,500 square-foot store, located at 2885 Perry Road in San Diego’s new shopping and dining destination, Liberty Station, is sure to be a haven for boat lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, as it specializes in high performance sailing gear, outdoor performance wear and foul weather gear, chic sportswear, and stylish footwear for men, women and kids. As a member of the “1% for the Planet” initiative, their goal is to translate business success into support for the environment.  In addition, from July 17 – 20, Point Loma Outfitting will donate 10% of sales to San Diego Coastkeeper, a local non-profit organization that protects the San Diego region’s bays, oceans, beaches and waterways.The new 2008 line from Atlantis continues the Atlantis legacy of blending technical outdoor fabrics and styles into performance sailing apparel to deliver a level of modern design and construction that racers, cruisers and powerboaters demand on the water yet transitions easily once ashore. New 2008 products include the Numbers Collection, a series of mid-weight softshell jackets in both men’s and women’s styles based on a line of custom gear developed for the Numbers sailing team, as well as great new styles and colors in the wildly successful Microburst Collection of lightweight waterproof/breathable apparel.  These new products join the Grand Prix line of softshell jackets and vests and the Aegis jacket, the core of the line that was introduced in 2007. “San Diego is a sailing town, and the folks who live there are passionate about the outdoors,” Atlantis’ president, Chaz Bertrand said, “With Point Loma Outfitting, Tom and Katie Carruthers are creating a destination for sailing and outdoor enthusiasts, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to bring the Atlantis brand to San Diego.”According to Point Loma’s Tom Carruthers, “Atlantis’ unique combination of performance and style make the brand a great fit for our stores and our customer.  It’s terrific gear for Southern California sailing and boating, and we’re looking forward to a successful partnership.”To learn more about Point Loma Outfitting and Atlantis Weather Gear, visit http://www.pointlomaoutfitting.com/c/atlantis.html