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December 10th, 2010

ALEPH, the challenge headed by Bertrand Pacé and Alain Gautier, has just taken a major step forward. The French campaign’s entry has been confirmed by the Golden Gate Yacht Club. ALEPH is officially a challenger for the 34th America’s Cup. With the backing of the French Sailing Federation, the French challenger has taken on the official mantle of “French Team for the 34th America’s Cup”, and has been re-named “ALEPH-ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE”.

Russell Coutts : «This is fantastic another new competitor joining the 34th America’s Cup ”

Jean-Pierre Champion, President of the French Sailing Federation: « « It is very satisfying that this campaign which we support has been selected as an official challenger. It is an important step and we are delighted. The entry also means that we can add the title of “Équipe de France”, as we had promised. Following the French Olympic Sailing Team and theFrench Match Racing Team, this is the 3rd French Team, and we wish them as much success as the other two French teams*!”

BertrandPacé : « Representing one’s country is a huge privilege, and one more reason to be at the top of our game and not disappoint. In line with its strategy, ALEPH – EQUIPE DE FRANCE will continue to bring together French talent focussing on performance-oriented team players.”

AlainGautier : « “This is a moment of pride and emotion for every single member of the team. The team spirit prevalent inthe French national teams of handball, athletics, swimming and more recently the superb French Olympic Sailing Team is a source of inspiration for ALEPH – EQUIPE DE FRANCE: success is built on the strength of a team, both in individual and team sports”.

ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE is the fourth international team to become an official Challenger for the 34th
America’s Cup. The team is hard at work to secure all financial partnerships before March 2011. The new format laid out by the organisation will deliver unprecedented media coverage for ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE’S sponsors.
(*The French Olympic Sailing Team won the 2010 World Cup, and the French Match Racing Team finished second on the World Match Racing Tour.)


ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE is the official competitive sailing team recognised by the French Sailing Federation to represent France in the 34th edition of the prestigious America’s Cup.

A member of the World Sailing Association which unites potential challengers for the America’s Cup, ALEPH-EQUIPE
DE FRANCE distinguished itself in 2009 and 2010 on the LOUIS VUITTON TROPHY circuit, beating the Italians (winners of the Nice event), the New Zealanders (winners of the Auckland event and multiple winners of the America’s Cup), the Russians (finalists in La Maddalena), the Americans (current holders of the America’s Cup) and the talented

ALEPH-EQUIPE DE FRANCE aims to combine the experience, enterprise and energy of players at the top level of the
French marine industry: sailors, naval architects and engineers to represent France in the 34th America’s Cup in 2013.

The AMBITION is to build in the long-term a solid and competitive team around Bertrand Pacé (6 editions of the
America’s Cup) and Alain Gautier (winner of the Vendée Globe and former team member of Swiss team Alinghi).

Through sensible management, the APPROACH is to enhance the combined intelligence, effort and performance of the

The OBJECTIVE is to enhance the image and competence of France. ALEPH – ÉQUIPE DE FRANCE is offering a humble and ambitious campaign, embraced by the public and proud to fly its colours.

34TH America’s Cup announces partnership with Louis Vuitton

November 27th, 2010

Louis Vuitton Cup Once Again Challenger Series for the America’s Cup

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (27 November 2010) – The next major step in realizing its new vision, the America’s Cup Event Authority introduced its first partner, Louis Vuitton. A continuation of its 30-year long association with the America’s Cup, the Paris based fashion house will present the prize, the Louis Vuitton Cup, to the winner of the
America’s Cup Challenger Series, as well as serve as Official Timing for the 34th America’s Cup.

“We are thrilled to announce today the continuation of our 30-year partnership with the America’s Cup. Having met with the team several times, we believe that the 34th edition will be the best America’s Cup yet,” said Yves Carcelle, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton Malletier.

In 2013, the Challenger Series will be staged with the winner earning the right to compete in the America’s Cup Finals. The Challenger series will be once again called the Louis Vuitton Cup, recognizing the brand’s long partnership with the America’s Cup. In addition, Louis Vuitton will be Official Timing for the America’s Cup World Series competitions, promoting its watch collection.

“We are extremely priveleged that our vision for the next America’s Cup has attracted the return of a company like Louis Vuitton,” said Richard Worth, Chairman, America’s Cup Event Authority. “The 34th America’s Cup will culminate in 2013, marking the 30th anniversary of Louis Vuitton’s support of the sport of sailing, so we could not be more
proud to see this great partnership continue and strengthen.”

Since 1983, the Louis Vuitton Cup Challenger Series has been held whenever there has been more than one challenger team for the America’s Cup. Its role is twofold – to select the best challenger team from the teams presented and, to prepare the winner for success against the Defender in the following America’s Cup Finals.

“I have competed for the Louis Vuitton Cup three times in the past, so I know how important it is to the  Challenger’s success. We welcome the return of Louis Vuitton and look forward to racing the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup in 2013,” said Russell Coutts, CEO, BMW ORACLE Racing.

The Louis Vuitton Cup will be in the summer of 2013, with the America’s Cup Finals in early fall. The events will feature the AC72 wing-masted catamaran, a ground-breaking new boat designed to deliver unparalleled racing  competition and on-the-water excitement.

“Louis Vuitton is a House that cherishes the art of travel and the spirit of adventure. As a long-time partner, we are very happy to be able to accompany the future of the America’s Cup,” said Pietro Beccari, Executive Vice-President of Louis Vuitton.

34th America’s Cup television trials begin tomorrow

July 21st, 2010

 Sailors and non-sailors alike are invited to debate the output


VALENCIA, Spain (21 July 2010) – The America’s Cup television evaluation kicks off tomorrow with a small army on hand to carry out a water-borne lab experiment the likes of which the “Auld Mug” has never seen.

The trials are geared specifically to examine every aspect of Cup racing including the type of boat (monohull or multihull) the format of the racecourse (upwind, downwind or reaching starts) and, importantly, the video output for television.

“We must make sure the television is right for the audience, and the race format is right for television,” commented Russell Coutts, CEO of the America’s Cup-winning team BMW ORACLE Racing.

With regards to television, more than 30 people including producers, directors, engineers, editors and cameramen are on hand. They’ll be experimenting with HD and 3D video formats, and have 11 cameras to use. Some will be hand held by on board cameramen while others will be fixed in certain locations on the boats, such as the stern scoop or bowsprit.

Each boat will also be equipped with at least eight microphones to capture sound, including a microphone that records in Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

“This is an exciting project. It’s cutting edge stuff,” said producer Cliff Webb, producing the trials under the direction of Denis Harvey. “It gives us a chance to experiment with things that have never been tried before. I don’t think a 3D camera has ever been used in a yacht race.”

The trials begin midday tomorrow with the two RC44 high-performance monohulls taking to the water. BMW ORACLE Racing Team skipper James Spithill will guide Boat 17.

The trials continue Friday with the two X40 catamarans. Guest helmsmen Roman Hagara of Austria and Murray Jones of New Zealand will lead those crews. Hagara is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in the Tornado class and Jones raced multihulls extensively in the lead-up to the 33rd America’s Cup Match.

One of the goals in the trials is to determine where to mount fixed cameras on the yachts that will be used in the 34th America’s Cup. Event organizers want to install the cameras while the yachts are in construction, rather than mount them just before racing.

“We may not re-create the wheel, but if we can find a better camera angle or view that makes the action more compelling, then we’ve uncovered something,” said Harvey, the BMW ORACLE Racing television consultant.

The output of the trials will not be a finished program, but rather a matrix of angles, views and sounds used for evaluation, with up to 30 hours material recorded on each of the four days.

Daily rushes will be available to view on the blog of the official America’s Cup web site, www.americascup.com. There will be a section where viewers can post feedback and comments.

“We want sailing fans, sports fans or those just getting interested for the first time to join the debate,” said Coutts.

New high-performance yachts for 34th America’s Cup

July 2nd, 2010

VALENCIA, Spain (2 July 2010) – Rating rule authorities in America and Britain have
been commissioned to draft the rules for the next generation of America’s Cup yacht.
In asking US SAILING and the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s Seahorse Rating affiliate to
write the rules, BMW ORACLE Racing and Golden Gate Yacht Club, winner of the 33rd
America’s Cup last February, has ensured the process is neutral and independent.
“We’ve always said that the new design will be for the America’s Cup community. The
result with be a ‘non-partisan yacht’ rather than a ‘defender’s yacht’,” said Ian Burns,
Design Coordinator for BMW ORACLE Racing. “A great deal of input was sought from
the America’s Cup community and the concept briefs given to the rule writers reflect that
In a twin-track process, US SAILING will author a multihull rule and the RORC’s
Seahorse Rating a canting-keel monohull rule.
“It would be premature to rule either a monohull or multihull in and the other out at this
stage,” commented Russell Coutts, CEO of BMW ORACLE Racing. “Which type of boat
is best for racing and media impact is one of many evaluations we will be testing over
the coming months.”
The choice between monohull and multihull will be made after the conclusion of these
trials, the first round of which is scheduled for Valencia in late July.
“Either option will provide high performance, exciting viewing and challenges to
design, build and sailing teams,” commented Burns.
Versatile performance in light and strong winds is considered essential to minimize
delayed or postponed racing.
In response to feedback from potential teams, the original concepts for both types have
been scaled back from 26m (82 feet) LOA to 22m (72 feet) for tangible cost reduction.
An engine will be used to cant the keel on the monohull and move appendages on the
multihull. The rule authors have been tasked to specify an environmentally friendly,
smart, low-emission engine or power-pack.
“This offers a great opportunity for the America’s Cup community to take a leading
role in this increasingly applied technology,” said Burns. “But there will be no powerassistance
for crews to trim or hoist sails. Both the monohull and multihull will be very
athletic boats to race hard.”

To ensure fairness, all teams will simultaneously receive updates and information from
the authors with regards to progress.
The briefs to the rule authors outline parameters for both types of boat to give base-line
This ‘box rule’ method should ensure boats designed by different teams are similar in
style to guarantee the close racing the America’s Cup thrives on. Otherwise, the
instructions to the rule writers are deliberately open to afford them full creative freedom.
Seahorse Rating has asked Nick Nicholson and James Dadd, with their wide
experience of previous America’s Cup class rules, to lead the monohull development.
The multihull rule is under the purview of multihull designer Pete Melvin, a two-time A
Class catamaran world champion, and US SAILNG.
Other cost-cutting measures include limitations on the number of hulls, masts,
appendages and sails a team can build. And the reduced crew size will mean fewer
“These boat concepts are all about similar performance between competing yachts
throughout the wind range,” said Burns. “Unique configurations are the expensive part
of the America’s Cup. We don’t want a light-air boat taking on a heavy-air boat. The rule
should ensure close racing while being able to sail in a wide range of conditions.”
Rule writing is the seventh stage in an exhaustive process. The objective is to publish
the new America’s Cup Class Rule by the end of September.
The Concept Paper for each design is available at www.americascup.com.
                                  Target Features
                              Monohull & Multihull
                 High-performance and close racing
                Light to strong wind range capability
                   Ease of shipping & transportation
                          22m max overall Length
Monohull                                                                       Multihull
1.0 x wind speed upwind performance                    1.2 x wind speed upwind performance
1.4 x wind speed downwind performance               1.6 x wind speed downwind performance
Narrow displacement range                                      Displacement 4000-4200kg
Combination of bow and twin rudders allowed       Up to four moveable appendages
Bowsprit                                                                       Wing sails permitted
Unlimited gennaker area                                           Demountable assembly
13 crew                                                                         12 crew

America’s Cup Design Rule Process (since 1 March 2010):
Step 1: Dialogue and discussions with stakeholders
Step 2: Initial Concepts created for monohull and multihull by non-aligned experts
(Bruce Nelson and Peter Melvin)
Step 3: Design conference (held 18 May 2010) for ‘who’s who of yacht design’ in
Step 4: On-line follow-up survey for conference attendees
Step 5: Aggregating feedback
Step 6: Concept brief prepared
Step 7: Rule writing commissioned from US SAILING and Seahorse Rating
Step 8: Choice of monohull or multihull based on July trials in Valencia
Step 9: Rule finalization
Step 10: New America’s Cup Class rule published

BMW ORACLE Racing celebrates 33rd America’s Cup Win at The White House

June 30th, 2010

Washington, D.C., June 30, 2010 – The BMW ORACLE Racing team celebrated their historic America’s Cup win at the White House with President Barack Obama on Tuesday.
Led by team owner Larry Ellison (USA) and representing San Francisco’s Golden Gate Yacht Club, BMW ORACLE Racing won the America’s Cup in February – the first time an American team has won the Cup in 18 years.
“We are enormously proud to bring the America’s Cup back to the United States after a very long absence,” Ellison said. “This team represents what can be achieved when talented people pursue their dreams with a single-minded sense of purpose. The America’s Cup is the pinnacle of every sailor’s ambition; now that we’ve won, we will focus equally hard on successfully defending the oldest trophy in international sport.”
The America’s Cup represents one of the most demanding sporting and technological achievements in the world. The oldest trophy in international sport, it has been contested 33 times, and held by just six yacht clubs over its 159-year history.
Ellison’s BMW ORACLE Racing team is an international line-up of the best sailing, design, engineering and boatbuilding talent in the world. With 150 people from 17 nations, the team built an innovative 90-foot trimaran, powered by a towering wing sail – the largest wing of any type ever constructed – to prevail 2-0 over the Swiss defender, Alinghi in a match off Valencia, Spain in February.
The trimaran, USA 17, was a reflection of the American tradition of innovation and cutting-edge technology. USA 17 is the fastest and most technologically advanced Cup boat in history and, like several of Ellison’s previous America’s Cup boats, USA 17 was built in Anacortes, WA. The sailing team then spent over one year testing and refining the design at its training base in San Diego, CA.
The America’s Cup has been to the White House on one other occasion – President Reagan welcomed the iconic Cup skipper Dennis Conner to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after his American team won the trophy back from Australia in 1987.
The visit to the White House marked the beginning of an East Coast tour for the BMW ORACLE Racing team and the America’s Cup. On Wednesday, the team made an appearance on ‘The Early Show’ on CBS in New York City, before skipper Jimmy Spithill rang the opening bell of the NASDAQ exchange. The tour continues on Thursday in Newport, Rhode Island, where the Cup will be on public display and the team will be featured at a Sail Newport luncheon and a special presentation for junior sailors at Fort Adams.

BMW ORACLE Racing to open NASDAQ stock exchange

June 29th, 2010

New York, New York June 29, 2010 — The BMW ORACLE Racing team, winners of the 33rd America’s Cup in February, will ring the NASDAQ Stock Market Opening Bell on Wednesday June 30th at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City’s Times Square.
Skipper James Spithill (AUS) will lead the American team in ringing the bell to mark the opening of the trading day.
The NASDAQ Opening Bell ceremony will be simultaneously displayed on the NASDAQ MarketSite tower, NASDAQ’s iconic digital sign in the heart of Times Square and the NASDAQ MarketSite broadcast studio wall.
The America’s Cup represents one of the most demanding sporting and technological achievements in the world. The oldest trophy in international sport, it has been contested 33 times, and held by just six yacht clubs over its 159-year history.
The BMW ORACLE Racing team is an international line-up of the best sailing, design, engineering and boatbuilding talent in the world and was created 10 years ago by Larry Ellison (USA) with the goal of winning the America’s Cup and bringing it back to the United States. The team realized its ambition in February, beating the defender, Alinghi, 2-0 in a Match off the coast of Valencia, Spain.
The visit to New York City is part of a tour of the east coast of the United States. The team will visit Newport, Rhode Island (Thursday), the home of the America’s Cup for much of the 20th century.
The America’s Cup, first contested in 1851, currently resides at the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco, the home club of BMW ORACLE Racing. Only two other American yacht clubs have held the trophy – New York Yacht Club and San Diego Yacht Club. SDYC lost the Cup to Team New Zealand in 1995, the last time the America’s Cup was held in the United States. In 2003 the Swiss-based Team Alinghi won the Cup from New Zealand. On February 14, 2010, off Valencia, Spain, BMW ORACLE Racing defeated Team Alinghi 2-0. Intensive planning for the next edition is underway, with the finals expected in 2013 or 2014 at a venue to be determined by the American team.

34TH America’s Cup draft Protocol presented to teams

June 23rd, 2010

VALENCIA, Spain (23 June 2010) – In a joint initiative by the defender, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Yacht Club and the Challenger of Record, Italy’s Club Nautico di Roma, a draft of the Protocol rules for the 34th America’s Cup was sent to the
challenging teams today. 
Foremost amongst numerous innovations is a forward-thinking structure that allows funds and assets to transfer from one America’s Cup to the next. The draft is a ‘listening and living’ document. Teams have been invited to comment and,
contribute to its final form.
This follows an already unprecedented level of cooperation with the Challenger of Record and a dialogue with potential teams. It offers another chance for input before the Protocol is finalized and published by the of 31st August 2010 target.
“This has been a painstaking process, but we believe it sets out a New Deal for the America’s Cup and fair play for all teams. It also incorporates the vision of the Cup held by Larry Ellison and BMW ORACLE Racing,” said Russell Coutts, CEO of BMW ORACLE Racing.
“To create a fair playing field we plan to issue all of the event rules before the end of the year, and this is a significant first step in that direction,” Coutts said. “Teams will know exactly what they are signing-up to.” Potential teams asked for these key elements to be included the 34th America’s Cup Protocol and they have been:
  • neutral race management body
  • wide-ranging powers for the Jury
  • cost cutting measures
  • initiative to transform television & media output
  • added-value to sponsors & business partners
  • sustainable, long-term business model
Building on the initiative by the World Sailing Team’s Association, a maximum of eight pre-regattas per year is planned for consistent racing and exposure for the teams in the years leading up to the America’s Cup.
The Protocol will rein-in costs by reducing the number of racing crew, introducing nosailing periods and limiting the  numbers of hulls, masts, appendages and sails teams can build.

At the end of the 34th Match, the New Deal leaves an inheritance of substantial funding and assets to the next Defender in a move to end the stop-start cycle teams have faced previously. This sustainable legacy is dependent of the 35th America’s Cup defender continuing with neutral race management and a schedule of regular competition.
In keeping with GGYC’s pledge of fair-play for all, among the many measures which will achieve this is a commitment that GGYC’s defender will not will not compete in the final Challenger Selection Series but that there will be defense trials if there is more than one viable US team. Television and media output have been prioritized in the draft Protocol to deliver more pictures, more audio and more data than ever before to audiences for an immersive experience, either through television or online broadcast.
Progress on a new, exciting and physically-demanding class of America’s Cup yacht, again with a dialogue with stakeholders fundamental to the process, is moving strongly ahead.
Key dates (as announced at the joint Defender & Challenger of Record Press Conference on 6th May 2010):
  • Protocol for the 34th America’s Cup will be issued by 31st August
  • Design rule released by 30th September
  • Race rules published by 30th December
  • Challenge Period open from 1st October – 31st January 2011
The draft Protocol for the 34th America’s Cup may be read at: www.americascup.com

Designers Focus on New America’s Cup Class

May 18th, 2010

Valencia, Spain, 18th May 2010-A significant step was taken towards creating the next America’s Cup boat when 19 designers met in Valencia.

Central to the deliberations was whether to develop a monohull or a multihull for the 34th America’s Cup.

The conference was held at the home base of BMW ORACLE Racing during its successful 33rd America’s Cup campaign.

“The teams want a new boat; the fans deserve one too,” commented Russell Coutts, four time winner of the America’s Cup. “It will not be a ‘defender’s boat’.  It will be the product of genuine discussion and dialogue,” Coutts added.

The Valencia meetings were chaired by BMW ORACLE Racing’s design coordinator, Ian Burns.

Around the table was a ‘who’s who’ of yacht design: 10 nationalities were represented, with winning records in every level rating class from Quarter Tonners to TP52s as well as the Volvo Ocean Race, Jules Verne Trophy, classic races such as the Fastnet and Sydney-Hobart and, the America’s Cup.

Structural and performance experts also attended as did those with experience of creating rules for the ACC, Whitbread 60 and Volvo 70 classes.

Two different multihulls (20m and 25m LOA) were discussed as was one monohull (up to 27m LOA).

The new concepts were conceived by eminent designers Bruce Nelson and Morelli/Melvin, creators of previous America’s Cup winning yachts.

Besides their expertise, Nelson and Morelli/Melvin were chosen because they are unaligned with either BMW ORACLE Racing or the Challenger of Record, Club Nautico di Roma/Mascalzone Latino.

High performance is fundamental to all three concepts. The monohull proposal will give significantly faster speeds upwind and downwind compared to boats used in 2007.

 “The America’s Cup is the pinnacle of our sport, so the boats should be physically demanding to race well and produce fast, competitive racing to engage new fans,” said Burns.

Requirements for all three concepts are:

• fast, dynamic and close racing
• high levels of athleticism required to race the boats to their optimum
• advanced, efficient and cost-effective technologies
• logistical efficiency to facilitate transport to a regular series of regattas
• distinctive to the America’s Cup
• versatility, enabling racing in any venue in winds from 5-35 knots

Versatility is seen as essential to minimise disruption to racing.

“Delays and postponements kill interest,” commented Coutts. “America’s Cup boats shouldn’t be the last to start racing and the first to quit whilst other classes are still racing. They also need to be designed from the outset to unleash the full potential of television.”

Television specialists will provide expertise and advice before the rule is written so that media requirements are incorporated at the outset.

The World Sailing Teams Association has been asked if it would manage the rule drafting. Non-aligned experts will be used to ensure fairness to all teams.

The rule-writers will report back to all teams equally and frequently. And teams will have the chance to review the new rule before it is finalized.

Publication of the new class rule will be no later than 30th September.

34TH AMERICA’S CUP Press Conference – Rome May 6,2010

May 6th, 2010

The oldest trophy in international sport: re-energised by
unprecedented collaboration between the Defender and the

• New, fair rules and independent professional management will give an equal
opportunity to all teams

• A new class of fast, exciting boats created in conjunction with all teams

• The 159 year old competition made irresistible to commercial partners with regular
racing in multiple venues under professional, neutral race management

• Transformed television and online coverage will place race fans right at the heart of
the action, wherever they are in the world

This was the message today at the first press conference of the 34th America’s Cup, which
saw the trophy brought to the home city of the Challenger of Record, the Club Nautico di

Speaking in the Sala Exedra in Rome’s Musei Capitolini, surrounded by some of Rome’s
most precious treasures, Russell Coutts representing the defending Golden Gate Yacht
Club and Vincenzo Onorato on behalf of the Challenger of Record, mapped out the future
of the America’s Cup.

The press conference webcast was streamed live around the world.
Discussion & debate; consultation & collaboration

“Diktat has been replaced by discussion, confrontation by consultation,” said Coutts, four
time winner of the iconic competition.

“Our minds and our ears are open. We are receptive to ideas.”

The opportunity to shape the rules and the design of the new boat has been offered to
potential teams.

The management of the on-the-water racing will be controlled by an independent, neutral
and professional authority, not the Defender.
New Protocol rules
Yesterday teams received the Protocol used in the 32nd America’s Cup and were asked:
“What would you change to make the competition better?”

This document was negotiated by the Golden Gate Yacht Club and produced the
successful 2007 America’s Cup. Feedback from the teams will be used to shape a new
Protocol for the 34th Match.

The wide-ranging reforms would not have been possible without close co-operation with the
other teams – who will be the Defender’s rivals when racing gets underway.

In particular Coutts noted the unprecedented collaboration between the Challenger of
Record and Defender: “The task would have been impossible without working in
partnership with Vincenzo Onorato.”

Onorato was given the honour of revealing the key decision date targets on behalf of the
entire America’s Cup community.

Key dates announced

• Protocol for the 34th America’s Cup will be issued by 31st August

• Design rule released by 30th September

• Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions published by 31st December

• Venue confirmed by 31st December

• Challenge Period open from 1st October – 31st January 2011
New thinking on television

A bow-to-stern re-think of the entire television and media output is already underway.

Not only will fans be able to turn-on and tune-in, anytime, on any platform, but they will be
made to feel as if they are on-board themselves, right at the heart of the action, alongside
the best sailors in the world.
New boat- faster sailing & thrilling racing

The new design rule will be a critical element of building a spectacular event.

Renowned but neutral designers – Bruce Nelson and Peter Melvin – have created two
different concepts – a multihull and a monohull.
Teams will sit down this month and discuss which concept to adopt and begin the process
to create a design rule.

The requirements of the new America’s Cup Class rule are:

• It should produce dynamic and close racing

• It should use advanced, efficient and cost-effective technologies

• It should be distinctive and epitomize the pinnacle of the sport

• It should be able to race in any venue in winds from 5-35 knots

The ability to race in all venues and in most wind strengths is vital to make race scheduling
reliable for fans and broadcasters.

“Delays kill interest. Even the hard-core fan doesn’t like having to wait for enough wind to
race,” said Coutts.
Venue and Year-host cities evaluated

2013 and 2014 were named as the most likely dates for the next Cup.

Sufficient time is needed to evaluate venues and create impressive, efficient infrastructure
for the Cup Village.

Coutts confirmed that American sites were not the only ones under consideration. But he
noted: “Every candidate city knows that a very strong case has already been put forward by
San Francisco.”

Cities in the USA and Europe are under consideration.

Highly experienced specialists have been engaged to manage the evaluation process.
Regular racing in multiple locations

Host cities are also being sought for a series of regular racing for Cup teams. This racing
will be integrated into the America’s Cup, in a plan developed in conjunction with the World
Sailing Teams Association.
Changes welcomed by Cup community

Paul Cayard, six-time America’s Cup competitor and representing not just Sweden’s Team
Artemis but the World Sailing Teams Association, commented on the reform package:

“We believe that the WSTA and its Louis Vuitton Trophy events are exactly the type of
activity that needs to be incorporated into the big picture of the America’s Cup.

“With its global venues in important markets, regular calendar of events, tight racing in
America’s Cup class boats, equal representation for each team, these events represent
great commercial value that the teams can pass along to their sponsors.”
Challenger trials for the challengers & litigation ended

Coutts confirmed that the Defender will not participate in the Challenger trials as the
previous Defender had done. And that all litigation from the contentious 33rd America’s Cup
was over because of a settlement signed last month with the Swiss.

“That episode is history. Our focus is the future,” Coutts said.
Issued on behalf of:

Golden Gate Yacht Club,Defender
Tim Jeffery
Director, Communications
Club Nautico di Roma, Challenger of Record
Lorenza Priamo
Director, Communications
Mascalzone Latino Team

BMW ORACLE Racing team concludes California leg of ‘Victory Tour’ in San Diego

February 22nd, 2010

San Francisco (February 22, 2010) –The America’s Cup trophy will return to San Francisco and the BMW ORACLE Racing team’s patron club, the Golden Gate Yacht Club, as the team wraps up the California leg of its America’s Cup Victory Tour presented by ORACLE and BMW EfficientDynamics.
The tour ended on a high note in San Diego on Sunday in a day that started with a public ceremony hosted by Mayor Jerry Sanders on board the aircraft carrier USS Midway.
“I’d like to thank Larry and his team for bringing the America’s Cup back,” Mayor Sanders said. “This has been an epic struggle and I for one appreciate everything he and his team have done.”
Mayor Sanders then presented Larry Ellison with a proclamation declaring Sunday ‘Larry Ellison Day’ in the city of San Diego. He also presented Ellison with a key to the city.
“I’d like to thank the people of San Diego for making our team members so welcome as we trained for the America’s Cup on San Diego Bay,” Ellison responded. “The mayor has asked us to consider San Diego as a venue for the next America’s Cup.”
Following the ceremony on the Midway, the team – and trophy – were taken to the San Diego Yacht Club on a replica of the yacht America, for which the America’s Cup trophy is named. As the America pulled up to a berth in front of the club balcony, the crowd erupted in cheers.
The team mingled with club members and enjoyed a Q+A session with the crowd. In both stops on Sunday, poster and hat signing sessions with team members proved to be a popular draw. Many remarked that the club had never been so crowded.
With this leg of the ‘Victory Tour’ now complete, many team members are scattering across the globe for a well deserved break, and to spend time with family and friends. The next phase of the Tour will be announced as soon as the dates and locations are confirmed.
Further announcements regarding the next edition of the Cup will follow in due course.

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