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Point Loma Outfitting and the Melges 32 Gold Cup

December 3rd, 2008

The Melges 32 Gold Cup starts this Friday, December 5 and continues until December 7. The first of a three-regatta winter series, the 20-boat event is hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with the two remaining events being Key West Race Week (January 19-23, 2009) and Miami Grand Prix (March 5-8, 2009). Despite the recent economic downturn, Gold Cup organizers have assembled a strong fleet that includes some of the best sailors on the planet.


Point Loma Outfitting is excited to be part of the team bringing you this exciting event in real-time, live action through our sponsorship of Sailing Anarchy’s On-The-Water Anarchy (OTWA) coverage from the Grand Prix event.  OTWA was born three years ago when a few members of the massively popular Sailing Anarchy forums decided to post some of the action from Key West Race Week on the site, live.  Since that time, OTWA has developed into a rich, compelling way to watch sailing events, with tens of thousands of fans tuning in to the world’s great regattas.


Working with his professional photographer wife Meredith, OTWA producer Alan “Mr. Clean” Block lends his unique personality to the live coverage, achieving what was once thought impossible:  He and the SA team make watching buoy races fun and exciting.  Their in depth-knowledge of the classes they cover adds depth to their written commentary, spectacular images, and timely videos of events like the Melges 24 North American and World Championships, the Chicago-Mackinac Race, Key West and Miami Race Weeks, and Charleston Race Week.


Sailing Anarchy has consistently pushed the cutting edge of sailing news and media since its birth 8 years ago, and OTW Anarchy brings that attitude and the strength of its community to live coverage of the sport.  As the print media becomes less relevant in the age of instant information, On-The-Water Anarchy provides the answer, and Point Loma Outfitting is proud to support such an innovative form of media.


The OTW Anarchy team covers every start, mark rounding, and finish of every race, and meshes video, photos, and commentary with recorded interviews with the event’s major players.  Melges Performance Sailboats’ Vice President Andy Burdick will be part of the team on Friday as Guest Commentator.  You can follow all the action at the 2008 Melges 32 Gold Cup HERE.  The sailing may only last 4-5 hours each day, but trust us when we say that the entertainment of an OTW Anarchy report just never stops. 

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